Single Family Residential – Recycling

Effective January 1, 2022, a new California law (SB 1383) requires that compostable materials, be kept out of landfills including food scraps, food-soiled paper products, paper towels, and plant debris to prevent the production of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. In Alameda County, the law is implemented under the Organics Reduction and Recycling Ordinance.
Residents are required to subscribe to curbside composting and recycling collection service and sort materials into the correct containers.

Each residential household will be provided with a 96 gallon recycling cart. Service is provided on a weekly basis, Monday through Friday, except for Holidays (see Holiday information).

To ensure your pickup, please place your cart at the curb the night before your scheduled pickup. Please place carts with at least three feet between each cart.

The following items are accepted and may be placed in your recycling cart:

Pleasanton Residential Recycling Cart

Pleasanton Residential Recycling Cart

  • newspaper
  • cardboard
  • mixed color paper
  • white paper
  • junk mail
  • magazines
  • telephone books
  • paper bags
  • cereal and food boxes
  • egg cartons (cardboard and plastic only)
  • plastic bottles and containers labeled #1-7
  • plastic milk containers
  • detergent containers
  • clear, brown and green food and beverage container glass
  • cans of aluminum
  • steel, tin food cans
  • empty aerosol cans
  • pie tins

Acceptable recycling items



It is illegal to dispose of hazardous materials in garbage or recycling containers (see below for prohibited items). Improperly disposing of hazardous and toxic waste can result in serious harm to the health of people, pets, wildlife, and our environment. Containers found to have these materials will not be collected until such materials are removed.

Alameda County offers free drop off locations for hazardous and/or universal waste. For more information, please visit the Household Hazardous Waste for Residents website, or call 1-800-606-6606.

You can also check the City of Pleasanton Household Hazardous Waste Programs for local disposal options.

It is illegal to dispose of hazardous materials in garbage or recycling containers

Additional Resources

PGS has partnered with many local agencies to make it easy for Pleasanton residential customers to properly dispose of waste, with an emphasis on recycling to help keep Pleasanton green!