Responsible for planning, implementation and management of all aspects of PGS’s Residential and Commercial Recycling Program

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Waste Audits/Field Work

  • Technical Assistance - Provide technical assistance to businesses, apartments and schools via site visits, phone and email, including alerting businesses and schools to local container grant opportunities and assisting with the application process
  • Waste Audits - Perform annual waste audits - For general assessment and SB1383, AB 341 and AB 1826 compliance.
  • Contamination Issues - Inspect contaminated bins/carts reported by driver, follow up with customer, process all resulting work orders accordingly
  • Outreach Campaigns - Implement new outreach campaigns and services
  • Sign Up New Customers - Sign up new recycling and food waste customers and help customer right-size their trash service
  • Trainings - Train customers and their employees as needed
  • Distribute Resources - Distribute instructional materials and complimentary City-funded indoor recycling containers to businesses, schools and MFDs
  • Attend and participate in festival/fair weekend events as necessary
  • Presentations - Do recycling presentations at businesses, table events and on limited basis conduct school assemblies
  • Monitoring – Check up on recycling at businesses, restaurants, schools and apartments. Frequent monitoring, as often as weekly, at key challenging sites (see list)
  • Prepare Proposals - Prepare Cost/Savings estimates for customers adding recycling and/or organics collection (estimates done upon request).
  • Scheduling - Schedule and conduct food waste trainings


  • Follow Ups - Follow up with businesses on audits and site visits
  • Processing - Processing/Tracking – Process/track audits performed and due
  • Work Orders - Process work orders for new recycling and organics starts, contamination incidents, container repairs, driver issues, etc.
  • Reports/Data - Prepare Recycling Program reports and provide program data for City, Cal Recycle, and StopWaste
    • City quarterly reports, including quarterly Recycling Activity Report + list of businesses audited during quarter
    • StopWaste data requests
    • Cal Recycle data requests
    • City data requests
    • Assist in development of Public Education Budget and track budget expenditures
  • Website - Revise and update website content as needed
  • Monitor and update PGS Facebook page
  • Attend monthly City coordination meetings
  • Other Duties as Assigned


High School Diploma or GED Required


Experience in related field

Must possess a valid California Drivers License

Bi-lingual in Spanish a plus

Please send resume to