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Tony Macchiano in the truck.
Our 1965 side loader garbage truck has been restored and can now be seen at local events and parades. This truck was used in providing daily service and was in operation until 1971.


A bit of history
When Tony Macchiano and Bob Molinaro set up shop in 1969, they never dreamed that the small town of 12,000 would grow to over 64,000 in less than thirty years. They knew immediately, however, that this was the community in which they wanted to raise their kids and earn their living.
In the beginning you could see Tony on a tractor bulldozing garbage 7 days a week. Bob would be on a truck, hauling away the the garbage. They would work on the trucks themselves before there was a shop. Their kids remember picnicking at the landfill, so they could have dinner with dad. Even now, you can see Bob and Tony filling in on a truck or working somewhere else out in the field.
Pleasanton Garbage Service has been through many challenges over the years. Tony and Bob knew they would run out of landfill space and that they needed to provide a place for residential garbage. In 1976, the transfer station was built. It was the first one in Alameda county. In 1984 , an automated collection service was introduced to decrease job-related injuries as well as the time needed to serve the ever-growing population. 1991 saw the implementation of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). It would serve the City of Pleasanton well in its efforts and has achieved a 70% diversion rate from the landfill in the year 2012.
Today's challenges include further reduction of the waste stream through recycling and source reduction. Pleasanton Garbage Service is committed to growing with the community. PGS is still a locally owned and operated business that considers the community part of our expanding family. The issues and concerns that affect you, affect us.
Pleasanton Garbage Service, Inc has been a long-standing member of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce and has received the Community Development Award.


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