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The efficiency of the automated collection system is based on the driver operating controls from the cab of the truck to lift and empty garbage and green waste carts. Customers are asked to observe the following five simple rules when placing their carts out for collection each week.

  1. Keep carts three-feet away from other containers or structures.
    The trucks lifting arm needs at least three-feet on either side of the rolling cart to wrap around the container. Garbage and Green Waste/Food Scrap carts must be placed three feet from other carts, recycling bins, telephone poles, automobiles, mailboxes, basketball poles or other structures that will prevent the truck's lifting arm from grasping and lifting the carts to empty them into the truck.
  2. Be sure the arrows on the lid are pointing towards the street.
    Face each cart so that the arrows on the lid face the street, and the hinges face away from the street. This allows the lid to open fully when the cart is tipped over and above the truck bay. If the hinge faces the wrong way the lid or hinges may be damaged.
  3. Make sure that there is a twelve-foot vertical clearance above carts.
    Place your cart away from low phone or electric wires, low hanging tree branches or other overhead obstructions. The twelve-foot vertical clearance is necessary for the truck's lifting arm to elevate the cart above the loading bay where it is emptied.
  4. Do not place carts behind parked cars, fire hydrant trees or other obstructions.
    Do not place carts where access to them is blocked. The automated truck lifting arm is not able to reach behind trees or other objects. The efficiency of this system depends on the driver being able to remain in the truck.
  5. Place carts no more than two-feet away from the curb or road edge.
    The automated lifting arm when fully extended, has a horizontal reach of only three-feet. Be sure the cart is placed on a level surface, within three feet of the roads edge.
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